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A Guide to RPA


 Robotic Process Automation may sound like futurist science fiction, but for many organisations, it’s an essential part of their everyday operation and is already delivering significant benefits. So exactly what is RPA and what does it mean for your organisation?


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses ‘robots’ to complete tasks and transactions across applications, just as human workers do. RPA is designed to help primarily with desktop type functions which require the ability to do several types of repetitive, rule-based tasks in order. 


With RPA, software robots can be programmed to complete workflows with multiple steps and multiple applications, such as receiving forms, sending standardised receipt messages/replies, opening and checking forms, flagging any errors or omissions, returning to the sender for resubmission and/or forwarding to other departments for further action. 


The financial and nonfinancial benefits of RPA are far reaching. Deployed in the correct manner some of the benefits are:

Increased Efficiency and Performance 

Employee Retention 

Improved Customer Service 

Cost Savings 

Improved Accuracy 

Flexibility and Scalability 

Regulatory Compliance 

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